Pimp My Report™

Bug bounty report writing as a service


Auto report generator backed by AI
Make report [URGENT]
Find similar public reports on Hackerone
Make it a GDPR issue
Record video of issue
Ask for updates every day
Email support every week
Mention triager on Twitter every week
Auto public disclosure in case of “N/A”
Record video with music
Travis Normandy
Record video with custom rap lyrics
Add updates bot to report
Get name and address of the triager who closed your report as N/A
Auto request mediation
Twitter bounty brag bot

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What our customers have to say

"Best service ever! I don’t have to write my reports anymore."

— Eray (Definitely not a BBAC employee)

"All fun and games until you use it together with updog. Then you will shit bricks."

— Corben (CEO of Woof)

"I have successfully automated my bug reporting workflow. Just gotta figure out how to find bugs now."

— Alex (HR)

"I used to be a beginner and now I am a farmer. You can’t beat that."

— John (Farmer)